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iQ means Interoperability Quotient, and is our proprietary, patented technology which allows the use of identical components on all of the Concentric Devices' product lines. This allows all our products to act effectively and efficiently together. Learn more...

Just some of the benefits to terminal block design and implementation through iQ Technology are captive hardware, faster termination, greater design flexibility, increased safety, laser strip ID, and higher circuit density. Read more...


Concentric Devices terminal blocks are manufactured in the United States to the most demanding specifications. See the entire physical specifications list.

iQ technology produces the terminal block with the fastest installation and termination, safest operation and best circuit identification available. View the product.

Fully captive hardware and isolated electrical paths provide the safest and fastest way to shunt circuits for CT testing. A simple turn of a screw does it. No lost hardware, ever. View the product.

Interruptible Link provides circuit opening with captive hardware and isolated electrical paths. No loose hardware or potential contact with live buss bars. A simple turn of a screw does it. View the product.

For maximum design flexibility and circuit density, use din rail mounting.

For those customers who want to stick with traditional panel mounting, our panel-mount hardware fits all major patterns for screwmounting, making switching to our terminal blocks simple. Read more...

Never loose track of circuits again. Customize, laser etched ID strips identify your specific circuit. Find out more...


Maintenance of electrical circuits and devices is a constant in the world today. The ability to switch off or interrupt the circuit link quickly makes the project easier and the downtime shorter. The fastest and safest way to accomplish the interruption to a specific circuit is with i Link from Concentric Devices.

With the laser etched ID strip, quick identification of the circuit is done. Once identified, a simple turn of a screw interrupts the flow of current to the line side of the circuit. The red collar around the screw is a positive indication that the circuit is interrupted. Once the maintenance is done on the device at the end of the line, a simple turn of the screw restores the flow of current to the circuit.

New technology to improve the electrical control industry comes from Concentric Devices. �iQ Technology� provides the competitive edge in both design and operation of electrical terminal blocks.

Improved productivity - increased functionality - Concentric Devices

Specifications for the 30iL Series Terminal Block
30TB Series schematic
Schematics for the 30iL Series Terminal Block
30TB Series schematic